De Tijger Brigade op Midden Java 1946 - 1949


The battalion was the smallest tactical unit. A Dutch Infantry Battalion was organised like a British Light Infantry Battalion. Consisting of a Headquarter, Headquarter Company, Support Company and four rifle companies.

The Headquarter Company included the Headquarter a Signal Platoon and an Administration Platoon.

The Support Company consisted of a Headquarter, Mortar Platoon (with 6 3in mortars), Carrier Platoon (with 3 carriers), Anti-tank Platoon (with 6 6-pdr anti-tank guns) and Pioneer Platoon (with 3 squads).

The Rifle Companies each consisted of a Headquarter and 3 rifles platoons. Each platoon had a 2in mortar and an anti-tank weapon plus 3 squads consisting of a 3 man Bren gun team and 7 riflemen.