De Tijger Brigade op Midden Java 1946 - 1949

411th Infantry Battalion

The 411th Infantry Battalion was raised on 1st July 1948 in Amersfoort from conscripts taken from the second half of 1948. It left onboard “Zuiderkrus” on 30th July 1948 and arrived in Semarang on 24th August 1948. Here it was stationed in Djatingaleh. In the first week of September 1948 the 411th Infatry Battalion moved to Poerwokerto in the area of the W-Brigade. Here it was used for guard and patrol duties. In the start of October 1948 the 411th Infantry Battalion Infanterie was moved to Soemowono south of Semarang to continue its combat training. After going through this the 411th Infantry Battalion on 6th November 1948 got its own area of responsibility to patrol around Banjoebiroe, Salatiga, Kopeng with outposts in among others Karangdoeren, Setoegoer and Kedajan.

For the 2nd Police Action the 411th Infantry Battalion Infanterie was concentrated in Semarang and transported to Poerwokerto. In Poerwokerto the 2nd and 3rd Company was attached to Colonne V. Beside this two companies Colonne V consisted of a company from 4-6th Infantry Regiment advancing behind 3-11th Infantry Regiment towards Bandjarnegara. After some heavy fighting Bandjarnegara was seized on 21st December 1949. 2nd Company 411th Infantry Battalion Infanterie stayed behind in Bandjarnegara when the advance on Wonosobo continued next day. Wonosobo was seized late in the day on 22nd December 1949. On 26th December 1949 the Staff and two companies was stationed in Bandjarnegara while the Support and the Staff Company was stationed in Poerworedjo and a Company in Wonosobo. The battalion participated in different search actions especially around Bandjarnegara. On 1st January 1949 the 411th Infantry Battalion was stationed with the Staff and 2nd Company in Boemiajoe, 1st Company in Proepoeg, 3rd Company in Poerwokerto and 4th Company in Adjibarang. Again the battalion was used in different search actionslike at Karanggoede Koelon, Kalimanah and farther north along the way to Bobotsari. Now and then it was used to guard convoys. Also now and the dislocations took place. Like the 1st Company was moved from Proepoeg to Boemiajoe. On 11th February 1949 the 2nd Company come under Command of 4-11th Infantry Regiment while and 3rd Company was put under Command of Commander W-Brigade and stationed in Keboemen and Poerwokerto.

In the end of March 1949 the 411th Infantry Battalion participated in a great scale action together with 2-12th Artillery Field Regiment and the Korps Special Forces near Bobotsari. In the following months new outpost was occupied like Pitoerah, Kaligoewa, Linggapoera, Patoegoeran and Djipang. In April 1949 the 3rd Company was put under command of the Commander Poerwokerto. After the “Cease fire” on 10th August 1949 the 411th Infantry Battalion Infanterie minus 3rd Company was stationed in Tegal. And from November until the end of December 1949 the 411th Infantry Battalion was stationed with 1st Company in Tegal, Pagakah, 2nd Company in Ketanggoengan, 3rd Company in Djatibarang, 4th Company in Brebes and in Slawi. On 2nd March 1950 Tegal was handed over to TNI and a few days later on 15th March a reorganisation took place. After this the 411th Infanfry Battalion consisted of Staff, Staff Company, Support Company and two Infantry Companies. On 24th April 1950 the 411th Infantry Battalion Infanterie was back in Semarang were it had set foot on Dutch East Indian soil for the first time.

On 25th May 1950 the 411th Infantry Battalion left what now become the sovereign state Indonesia onboard the “General Greely” arriving in Rotterdam on 18th June 1950.