De Tijger Brigade op Midden Java 1946 - 1949

1st Unit Field Artillery KNIL

1st Unit Field Artillerie KNIL was raised from former prisoner of wars in Japan who was transferred to Balikpapan via Manila. But its history went farther back. And during the campaign on Java in 1942 it had been part of the 3rd Division operating on East Java until the surrender. In January 1946 it was reinforced with former prisoner of wars from Malacca. And on 10th January 1946 a Artillery depot was created consisting of 3 units. This units was educated and trained by Australian officers and non commissioned officers.
On 24th March 1946 an Artillery Regiment was raised in Balikpapan. And 1st Unit Field Artillerie KNIL that at first had been supposed to transfer to Batavia got its destination changed to Semarang instead.
Between 27th March 1946 and 18th April 1946 1st Unit Field Artillerie KNIL arrived in Semarang in three groups. Where planned it should take over the equipment and task of the British still operating there. This did not go easy so in the start they served more as infantry having more jeeps than guns.
1st Unit Field Artillerie took part in the 1st Police Action reinforced with members from the newly arrived 2-12th Artillery Regiment. After the 1st Police Action the 1st Unit Field Artillerie KNIL was relieved by 2-12th Artillery Regiment and the men returned to the Netherlands. A country many of them had not seen for many years. Since a lot of them had served for 10 years plus the years in captivity.